InstaPointz enables customer to
convert Reward Points

  • Automation of Points Accumulation 1 time sign up
  • Conversion of All Merchant Points into Single Universe
  • Redemption on ANY Participating Multiverse
  • Massive Choices of Lifestyle & Experience

Introduction to InstaPointz

InstaPointz is currently live via www.ifly1.com

HOW InstaPointz Helps CUSTOMERS?

InstaPointz enables customers to convert Reward Points Accumulated to Travel and other range of product and services


  1. InstaPointz supports B2B merchant ecosystem enabling reward points redemption, management and tracking
  2. Converts participating regional merchant points into InstaPointz
  3. Enable redemption of Points across any country merchants

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Redeem your InstaPointz to enabled free flights or cheaper flights

Merchant Partnership

Get InstaPointz Reward System to enable cheaper travel as Value Added for your Customers


Allow ifly1 to Rock your existing Reward Plans for your customers, with a simple conversion from your very own Points to InstaPointz made easy for cheaper Travel for your customers; key value added for Loyalist's.

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